XP Investimentos

Lighthouse type

XP Investimentos is Brazil’s leading capital advisory firm and has changed the landscape of capital investments in the country. XP makes complex financial information palatable for newcomers while embracing more experienced investors.

Tátil Design was invited to lead XP's rebranding effort, repositioning it as a “lighthouse brand”. This means that XP is a leader, literally shining a beacon of light and thinking ahead of the market, setting trends for all the rest of the competitors.

The change happened to mark the company's 20th year in the market, the moment it reaches maturity and makes it visual.

Our collaboration to the project began with a logo refinement, starting with Tátil’s version and making typographical adjustments to it. Simple yet important visual decisions and improvements and a version for small sizes completed the first stage.

With the logo at hand, we started drawing a custom typeface for the brand. We took the dimensional detail from the logo as a cue and made it a feature of the type family.

XP’s distinctive ink traps are now a big part of the branded typeface. They come as alternates in the typeface and can be used at display sizes for branding purposes. This one feature alone gives XP a unique look amongst its competitors.

The typeface is a grotesque sans intended for print, social media and UI. Neutrality with a touch of innovation designed to work as one.

A variable version makes it possible to create animations with the lighthouse feature, be it in motion or micro-interactions within the site and applications.

Peculiar features make XP type family recognizable from afar. Basic shapes point to time-tested grotesques, lending it a trustworthy appeal.

Rebranding and Visual Identity


Creative Director

Rodrigo Saiani

Type Design

Carlos Mignot

Type Production

Carlos Mignot & Rodrigo Saiani

Team Plau

Aline Caruso, Ana Laura Ferraz, Carlos Mignot, Felipe Casaprima, Gabriela Fiks, Gabriel Menezes, Rodrigo Saiani & Valter Vinícius Costa

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