Pilão custom font

Pilão is the leading coffee brand in Brazil. Founded in 1978 to answer an important market demand: to give Brazilians a stronger coffee, the way they liked it. The success was immediate. In a short time, Pilão was in the homes of thousands of Brazilians and, since then, it has continued to grow. In 2023, Plau was called by BETC HAVAS to create new custom fonts for this beloved national industry.

We represent the strength of this brand in a robust and heavy typography that can be soft and delicate when needed. The finishing of the letters comes directly from the iconic Pilão's logo in the shape of hot coffee smoke. It was the starting point we needed to create a unique and proprietary font that carries the brand’s values.


Rodrigo Saiani
Carlos Mignot
Ana Laura Ferraz

Branding & Id Visual


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