Achs type system

Working with brands that are dear to the public and have ambitious goals is the sweet spot we always look for. Achs is just that. The Chilean Safety Association (Asociación Chilena de Seguridad) impacts the daily lives of millions of chilean workers and still wants more. 

Achs specializes in occupational safety and health, but are growing into a medical insurance company. Achs' new purpose is to make Chile the country that takes best care of its workers and their families. This is a brand that every chilean recognizes and trusts, so changing directions is not exactly light work. 

Interbrand, global design and branding consultancy, led this project, which is just as complex as a design project gets. Their main issue with the previous visuals of the brand was that they were not suited for communicating openness, care and modern. So they decided that one of the key elements to embody Achs’ new persona was typography. 

This is how we became a part of the project. Interbrand counted on us not only to design the fonts, but to think strategically about them alongside their team. Everyone involved participated in the design, one way or another.

We ended up developing, not one, but two complete typefaces, Achs Nueva Serif and Achs Nueva Sans, which share the same structure. Contrasting old Achs, we dialed up the welcoming and friendly tone of the fonts. They are so joyful that almost become display faces. However, we still managed to make them perform well for texts. ​​​​​​​

Not only they express Achs' new personality, but they are also an essential part of their branding architecture cohesiveness.

Type system



Rodrigo Saiani
Carlos Mignot
Ana Laura Ferraz

Branding & Id. visual

Interbrand Brasil

Diretor de estratégia

Rodrigo Marques


Alice A.
Tainara Gomes

Diretor de criação

Gil Bottari

Coordenação criativa e design

Laila Rotter


Taís Andrade


Tomas Olivos

Parceira de estratégia

Andrea Barreto

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